5400 Miles in the US (Arches)

This must be one of the best photos my wife has taken recently in her trip to the National Parks in the Southwest of the States.

The photo shows a visitor who has climbed up the orange red color land mass and stopped, looking up at the huge inclined landform above him.CIMG4561

Behind him was the blue sky.

He seemed to be facing a formidable barrier so that he couldn’t hike upwards anymore.

The arch just rose so steeply and at an angle above him.

This image shows a big contrast between the huge and strange shaped landform and the small and fragility of the visitor.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry (2)

There are many cisterns in Istanbul but this is the biggest ever found.  Yerebatan Sarayi, or Sunken Palace, the cathedral-sized Cistern runs beneath the entire street and some buildings. This is an underground chamber of 138 x 64.6 metres. The large space is formed by supporting a ceiling vault and arch system  by a forest of 336 marble columns. The ceiling vaults, known as Manastır Tonozu (cloister vault), are built without using a mould. From whatever angle you view, the perspective view of the columns and ceiling arches give you a very strong geometrical feel . . . . . . . . . . . .  .. . . . .