The Golden Luohans and the Red Monks

You may notice that I have started a series on The Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

This is a strange sight as you climb up the hill on your way to the temple.

Spread over the hillside are some Luohans or Arhats.CIMG7334

They are not only coated in gold, but they have different expressions / postures.

Some of them are mounted on an animal too.

Very interesting!

The only view that I have seen and, in a way similar to this one, is the view I saw in the hills of HungLuo Temple, Beijing.DSCF2610

In the forest, there are dozens of monks who are clothed in red.

The picture shows the rear views of the monk statues.

I have pictures of their front views too but they are too disrupted from the shadows cast onto the statutes.

Please enjoy 🙂