Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine ( Through Trees and Leaves 2)

This week’s photo challenge is Shine.

I like photographing against the light; in particular I like photographing trees and leaves against in coming light.

If the camera is set as Automatic, this usually poses a problem as the light sensor will sense there is strong light and the aperture will automatically reduce, giving a picture which is too dark.cimg2570

I intend to upload a series of photos which has been shot against the light.

Here is a photo shot in the HungLuo Temple of Beijing a few years back.

Please enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve ( Bird Nest )

This week’s DP photo challenge is Curve.

I will never be able to count the number of curves in this Bird Nest in Beijing, China.DSCF2529

The structure is three dimensionally curved.

the curves look random but natural.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

I am not good at photographing subjects which are abstract in nature.

These two photos were taken in Beijing’s Area 798 – an artsy area.DSCF2784

They could well be my only photos which show things abstract in nature.

Please note I did not photographed the bubbles etc, I only took snap shots of two pieces of painting.DSCF2785

Please enjoy!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons ( Color of Spring )

This week’s DP photo challenge is Seasons.

Yellow is my favorite color for ushering in Spring.CIMG3088

It signifies hope and live.

The top photo was taken when we were on our way in Luoping, Yunnan in China.DSCF2766

The second photo, which I reckon is more beautiful, was taken in XiangShan, Beijing in China.

The yellow chrysanthemum were more randomly arranged, they were dancing to welcome Spring!DSCF3146

Lastly, but not the least, the photo of Canola or Rapeseed flowers were taken in Luoping, China in early Spring.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Time (Great Wall)

This week’s DP theme for the photo challenge is Time.

I am always amazed that some structures can stand the test of time.DSCF2671A

The Great Wall has been built thousands of years ago; this is still one of the longest structures in the World.

These walls were the scene of many battles and were great in keeping the “Barbarians” out of central China.DSCF2670

Wish these walls could talk; so that they can tell us their stories.

Here are several photos taken in the Miutianyu section of the Great Wall near Beijing.DSCF2650A

I have converted them to Black and White, emphasizing the timelessness.

The original photos were taken during Autumn with some color foliage around.

The B&W, however, evoke more moods.

The next three days are public holidays for the Lunar New Year; so be prepared that there may not be any posting during the period.


The Light that Shines through the Ginkgo Leaves

I was thinking of drafting a post on the Trees and Roots on the Milford Track; but on going through my archive, I found this picture which I thought should be uploaded now.DSCF2555B

The light was shining through the foliage, when we visited the HongLuo Temple in the outskirts of Beijing a couple of years ago.

I have seen many ginkgo trees before but this one was at its best with the light shining through, making the leaves more or less translucent.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate ( HongLuo Temple)

Isn’t this ornate?

The picture was taken three years ago when we re-visited Beijing.DSCF2563

As different from our past visits to Beijing, the trip focused on natural rather then historical aspects of Beijing and its suburbs.

These leaves taken against a red wall in HongLuo Temple is one of my favorite photo in that trip.