Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid ( Beijing)

This week’s DP photo challenge is Grid.

Whenever we talk of Grid, there is a preconception of it being straight lines and intersecting at right angles etc.

I do think Grid has a broader meaning.DSCF2513

The photo taken at the “Bird’s Nest” Stadium in Beijing illustrates a grid which is not regular and with members intersecting at acute angles.

The structure is being hold up by inclined members weaving together at various angles which make it looks like a bird’s nest.

It is especially interesting at night as the colorful interior lights get changing with time and intensity!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry (3)

The facade of the “Birds Nest” stadium in Beijing has a highly complex geometry. The form of the stadium is popularly described as a “bird’s nest”, with its pattern inspired by Chinese-style “crazed pottery”.  Seemingly random, the pattern abides by complex rules for which advanced geometry was defined. The roof is saddle-shaped, and the geometry is developed from a base ellipse of which the major and minor axes are 313 meters and 266 meters respectively. The interior bowl which seats 91,000 people is yet another system of great interest. The color of the light changes with time. This indeed is one of the best application of geometry to the modern architecture. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .