Birds in Namibia

Here are photos of some of the birds which my wife has taken earlier last month in Namibia, Africa.P1030626

Not surprisingly, I am not able to identify the names of any of these birds.P1030483

While I can name a few of the local birds here in HK, these birds are beyond my recognition.P1030687

If you know the names of these birds, hope you would be kind enough to share.P1030685

Thank you!P1030627

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half ( Sea at Croatia)

One of the most memorable things in Croatia must be the sea at Croatia.

The deep blue Adriatic sea captured my heart when we were there.

The sea was so charming that I spent hours and hours by the sea, watching ships and smaller vessels mainly.DSCF0456

There was good sunshine in the coastal areas of Croatia and the sea was just a reflection of the clear and blue sky.

The first picture was taken in Split. Gazing out from the shore, I saw this cruise liner which seemed to be the only thing which separates the sea from the sky.DSCF0600A

We spent a few days on the island of Hvar ( on the second picture) where I felt completely relaxed.

The sea was just everywhere and I like watching yachts and sea gulls flying past.

I think I could stay on the island forever!

Weekly Photo Challenge; Motion (Bird & Kapok 2)

Here is another photo which looks like a Chinese painting.

I must admit the motion of the small bird is overshadowed by the stationary Kapok flowers.005 (3)

But together they look so beautiful.

Again, the picture was taken by Chung Kwok Fan to which credit is due.

Please enjoy 🙂


Weekly photo Challenge: Motion ( Birds & Kapok)

Here are two photos showing birds in motion.

They were captured while in flight.003 (3)

The background are the kapok trees with their bright flowers.004 (3)

Pictures taken by calligraphy classmate Mr. Chung Kwok Fan.

Please enjoy 🙂