Seven years of Blogging – How do I end Up with 12,539 Followers!

I didn’t know what a blog is when I actually started blogging in January 2012; after retired for six months.

A friend of mine introduced me to it; saying she has a Chinese blog on WordPress and I just followed suit.

My followers started building up in the second or third year of blogging.

Honestly, I do not know how  come I now have 12,539 Followers.

My readership has increased; but not at the rate that it used to be in the first few years. I suspect part of the reason is that blogging is getting out of fashion.

Paddling with single Leg in Myanmar – this is a photo of a Commercial

In the last three years, I didn’t put much effort into the blog as mom’s care came as the priority ( over everything else). I ended not writing anything but just posted my travel photos.

I am sure that I do not have 12,539 Followers.

Only around 20 people comment on my posts every now and then.

Only around 70 people give me Likes on my posts regularly.

Everyday, there are only 200-350 Views.

Quite a few of my “Followers” are running their own commercial websites. What they want is that someone will click on their sites when they “Like” my posts. I hope, in fact, they are not robots.

I also believe that some of the readers Have Followed my site but no longer currently; nevertheless, they are recorded as Followers.

In fact, I don’t mind how many Followers I am having, I will just go on posting things I like posting until one day I get tired of it or no longer capable of even typing or posting something.

Right now, I just hope everybody reading this to have a Happy and Healthy Year of the Pig!



Why I No Longer Allow People to Reblog My Posts

I have now deleted the Reblog button and added a Page  known as ” Don’t Reblog My Posts”

Please do not reblog my post.

Apologize for this; this is not to my liking.

The reasons for my decision include:

  1. There is a blog which reblogs almost all my posts, trying to duplicate mine.
  2. While some reblogs publish my avatar and link back to my site; other reblogs only have wordings which state the post was BY the Reblogger ( with no mentioning of my blog or providing a link back ) and I am only credited for the photo as a Source.
  3. Some blogs now have lost their meaning, they do nothing other than collecting and reblogging other people’s posts. I do not encourage this non creative form of blogging.
  4. Some shamelessly reblog ( content scrapping) every day dozens of posts at no time immediately after they are posted without really reading the posts – this is a disrespect to the original bloggers. Their only motive is to increase their own popularity and boost their number of followers.
  5. There was one blogger who used to reblog my posts onto his so that he can make money out of his advertisement.
  6. There is no control on the extent and how the reblog is done.

In my communication with one of the Rebloggers, he has declined not to reblog my posts.

Under this circumstance, I have no other option but to remove the Reblog button from my blog.

In case there are posts you really like to reblog, please communicate with me and I will look into it case by case.

Below is a relic found in the Terracotta site in Xian.

Blogging – Second Anniversary

Two years ago, I wasn’t quite sure what actually is blogging.

Towards the end of 2011, around Christmas, a friend of mine started blogging in Chinese and showed me her blog.

Without thinking much about it, I started blogging on 1st January, 2012 and have continued ever since – it has now become a part of my retirement life.

My initial thought was that I would write something everyday and therefore I called my first ever blog ” Retiree Diary”.DSCF3351A

I soon found it was almost impossible; I didn’t have that much to write.

Even if I am able to do it, I doubt whether it would attract a lot of readers.

The blog has since evolved to be more like a photo blog showing pictures of my travels – I am glad that I am able to combine my interests in photography, writing and travels. This perhaps is a gift from God.

I am also glad that I have met so many friends on the way and have received so much support and encouragement from them; many of whom I have also been communicating.

To express my gratitude and appreciation of all the support and encouragement; I am sharing a negative of  an image of the maple leaves which I took while visiting South Korea in November. Please enjoy  and Happy New Year!