Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O ( Mist in the Harbor )

This is not a monochromatic picture.

It was taken earlier this year with a smart phone when the mist was heavy.

The view is one of Tolo Harbor in the New Territories, Hong Kong.img_1671

Fabulous clouds, layers of mountains as backdrop.

In the foreground are faint outline of high rises.

In the foremost are some fishing boats and sampans.

If you look at the left bottom corner, you will see a bit of the edge of the shore in a different color.

Blue, Blue, My World is Blue 3 . . . . . . . .

I think I am cheating a bit.

This is not exactly blue; but this photo contains the two colors I like – blue and green.

Like the other photos, the water is blue.dscf0274a

The photo was taken in the Plitvice national Lakes in Croatia.

Again, the water has a lot of calcium.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid ( Water Cube)

Another example of an irregular Grid used in architecture.

The picture was also taken in Beijing.DSCF2519

The external face of this stadium for water sports, known as the Water Cube, is illuminated in blue.

It is so fascinating that such irregular grid is used in architecture.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

The challenge from the Daily Post this week is Minimalist.

I like photos which are simple but beautiful.

The first photo came to mind was a picture taken on the Eastern extremity of Hvar Island in Croatia.DSCF0667A

We were at the seaside, waiting for the car ferry which took us from the enchanting Hvar Island to the picturesque medieval town of Dubrovnik.

It was still early in the morning. What I can see was a clear blue sea, blue mountain, blue sky and pebbles on the shore which also looked blue.

To me, this is Minimalist!

Blue Friday (1)

Blue is the color for Friday in Thailand.

I like blue skies, blue seas and oceans but my favorite for this week is the blue waters in the JiuZhaiGou lakes in Sichuan, China.

By no means it is the most beautiful blue but it is very interesting.050

It appears that lakes with a high calcium content exhibits a kind of bluish tint in the water. For instance, this can be seen in both the JiuZhaiGou lake in China and also the Plitvice lake waters in Croatia.

Plants and other matters fallen into the water are subject to calcification and not a lot of life survives in such water. However, schools of carp-like fishes protected by tiny scales can be found swimming lively in the lakes of JiuZhaiGou. How wonderful !