Weekly Photo Challenge: Path (3)

This week’s DP challenge is Path.

While visiting the Plitvice national Lakes in Croatia, we walked on this curvy path.

The boardwalks there bring us close to the waterfalls and other water features.dscf0333

The feeling we have while walking there is very different from the feeling we have while over viewing it from the hills.

We climbed up the nearby hill and look downwards on where we have been. It was like a picture.

To complete the picture, there was one traveller on the boardwalk taking photos. This gives us a sense of scale of the place.


Travel Theme: Pathways

This week’s Travel Theme is “Pathways“.

In our travels, we walked so many paths, course, tracks  etc. and sometimes, even off the beaten tracks ; but the ones most unforgettable are the pathways at Plitvice Lakes, Croatia.

This is a view looking down from the hillsides of the Plitvice Lakes.  The  long and S-curve boardwalk is almost a work of art integrating so well with the surrounding series of waterfalls.  Every time when I look at this image, I feel so grateful to have the opportunity of travelling to this faraway place and have the opportunity of taking this photo. I also like the sole visitor walking on the boardwalk, as if he is having the whole watery garden of Eden to himself.DSCF0333

Plitvice Lakes have a very elaborate and well designed system of boardwalk. Sometimes, you never know where you are heading to. They are just so curvy and you cannot see what is at the end.DSCF0276A

Some of these boardwalks just let you walk along the shores of the lakes, allowing you to enjoy the lake view.DSCF0302

Other boardwalks may just go round almost in a circle, bringing you further out to the lakes.DSCF0369

Some of these just delight you when you passed through with foliage on one or both sides.DSCF0356

The pathway I like best are those which brought me out so near to the waterfalls.DSCF0300

Some of these bring you so close to the waterfalls so that you can admire not only at the view but also the wonderful work of nature.DSCF0358A

The boardwalks are just remarkable; they bring you so close to the water and the waterfalls. They offer an all-weather, non-slippery surface to walk on come rain, come shine. They are also suitable for kids and the more elderly people to walk on as they are normally flat or designed to have a small gradient.

What a wonderful system of pathways!