Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny ( Boat )

This week’s DP photo challenge theme is Tiny.

I suppose “tiny” is relative.

Things look small when compared with large objects in the surrounding.dscf0908

This is an example; the photo was taken in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The boat looks really small when compared with the castle standing on top of an island.

Even the bird on the right looks somewhat big.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day ( Lake Barrine)

We were up north in Australia, somewhere beyond Cairns.

We were blessed with another Good Day visiting Lake Barrine.

The water in the lake was pristine with lots of flora and fauna and there was a lot of wild life on the shores of the lake.CIMG0536

After taking a cruise on the lake, we took a rest in a cafe there, entertaining ourselves with the best scones and tea we ever had.

Then we took a stroll by the lakeside and captured more photos.

This photo shows everything I needed that day. If I need a boat ride, there is a boat tied up there. If I wanted a rest under the shade, there was a bench.

What else do I need?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat ( Sketch vs Photo)

< 2 photos >

The top image is processed from the bottom photo.DSCF6355A

The boat, barely afloat in Wet Lake, China was processed as a sketch.

It shows all the essential details, even the reflection.DSCF6355

This is based on a photo taken during Winter at West Lake, when everything appeared quiet and blue.

Please enjoy!


Weekly Photo Challenge: One (Boat)

This week’s photo challenge is One.

The images focus on one subject – Boat.DSCF6376A

The sepia was taken in Xixi, not far from West Lake in China; obviously, the boat is the main center of attention.DSC_0302

The last one was taken at Lake Galve, ┬ánear Trakai Castle in the Baltics – as a contrast, it shows one boat, one mansion in color in a Western setting.

Boats are my favorite subject; hope you enjoy them!