The Annecy Picture

I like to ask myself the question:

If there is one picture you want to nominate for a place, which picture would you choose?

This is the picture I would choose for Annecy, France.

It was a sunny day when we walked the banks of the Annecy waterway.CIMG1585A

Although the waterway is man made, I like how the boats lined up and moored.

Trees flanking both sides of the river bank and that classical footbridge which spanned the river.

These give me the sense of the place.

This surely is my ultimate impression of Annecy.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy ( By the Sea)

This week’s DP photo challenge is Creepy.

A rain storm was coming and the sky was darkened.2415682259_2dc05636b2_o

There was something creepy about it; with dark clouds and silhouettes.

Picture was taken in a remote part of Hong Kong.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat (Hvar Island)

Actually, I seldom go to the harbor during nighttime.

The harbor at Hvar Island, Croatia was so beautiful that I decided to stroll down to the harbor front even though it was quite late in the night.DSCF0529

Boats just bobbing up and down in the relatively calm waters of the harbor, while the nearby lights cast colorful reflections in the water.

The sight was so beautiful that I hated to leave the harbor area to return to my hotel that night!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow (Boats)

<This posts consists of 2 photos>

I am late for this theme but still want to submit another entry.

Not sure which photo to post first.

Both photos were taken when we walked the Plover Cove Dam in Tai Po, Hong Kong.CIMG3376

The first is a close up, in darker light. CIMG1797

The second one gives a lot more about the background. It was taken in a cove where pleasure boats will anchor and where rowing boats are on hire.

In any case,  I like the rowing boats and the yellow color, they seem to be uplifting and give a feel of freedom!

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Boats) On the Move

Can’t imagine what cities along the coast or river would be like if there is no water transport.

Always amazed at the sight of boats (of whatever kind) moving passengers and cargos so swiftly between destinations.

Here is my collection of photos of boats moving in scenic places and  cities.

I like the contrast between the movements of the boats  against the stationary background.DSCF0909

Dubrovnik is a city by the Adriatic; I like the view of lone boats against the beautiful background of the island fortress.DSCF0748

…………… or just the view of a small boat  speeding out to the sea against a hillside of terracotta roof.DSCF0233

Caught this image of a jetfoil speeding along the Danube, the waves generated at the stern is quite a sight.026

A boat passing by with the backdrop of New York City . . .  . a tranquil moment which you can watch from the bench on Ellis Island.DSCF2015

The Star Ferry in Hong Kong is a main mode of passenger transport between Kowloon and the Island before the cross harbor tunnels were built. When time allows, I prefer travel on the ferry instead of crossing via tunnels.DSCF2017

Another ferry sailing along the harbor with the skyline of the HK island behind.CIMG0367

Water taxi speeding along the river with the temple as backdrop in Bangkok, Thailand.CIMG0580

Last, but not the least, boats in the Bosporus, Turkey against Istanbul’s skyline in sunset.

These photos lead me to the lyrics:

Sail your ship across the water,
Spread your wings across the sky
Take the time to see
You’re the one who holds the key,
Or sailing ships will pass,
Sailing ships will pass you,
Sailing ships will pass you by…



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sepia Tones

Cee’s Foto Challenge this week is Sepia Tones.

I like experimenting with sepia tones.

For this challenge, I have chosen sail boats, harbor and houses as my subject.

Incidentally, both pictures were taken in Croatia, although they have different settings and convey different moods.DSCF0953A

The first one was taken in Dubrovnik showing the harbor with boats, houses stepped up in terraces and a fortress on the right.DSCF0673A

The second one was taken on Hvar island, where we boarded the ferry on our way to Dubrovnik.

While the color images are also quite interesting, I am inclined to like the sepia tones more.

Please enjoy 🙂

Lake Annecy in France

While the medieval small town of Annecy with its colorful building and markets is interesting, a stroll by the lake is very refreshing.

Lake Annecy is the second largest lake in France, after the Lac du Bourget,  It is known as  “Europe’s cleanest lake” because of strict environmental regulations introduced in the 1960s. It is a popular tourist destination known for its swimming and water sports. It is close to the border with Switzerland and could be reached by car within around an hour.

We first strolled by the Thiou River, walking towards the lake. The water in the river was blue and crystal clear and the view with the boats along the river was picturesque.

Even water birds build their nest on the river; displacing some boat moorings.

I like this simple but elegant and well proportioned footbridge across the river. I have always liked bridges, especially those in Europe, as a lot of attention is made towards the aesthetic quality and their integration with the environment. Bridges also symbolize connectivity and also the overcoming of an obstacle, in this case, the river.

We strolled as everybody strolled by the lake. The lake instilled a certain calmness in our minds and the fountain reminded me of the fountain we saw in Geneva, albeit much smaller.  There was a lot of activities on the lake. The water was still cold and nobody was brave enough yet to swim.

We could just go on and on , walking along the banks and appreciating the blooming flowers.

Unfortunately, we did not have the time to explore the part of the lake which Paul Cezanne painted of Annecy. As with many of our travels, we always miss some of the things we dearly wanted to see. . . . . . . . perhaps, this gives us a convenient excuse to come back later.