Travel Theme: Benches

Over at Where’s my Backpack, the weekly travel theme is benches.

I like photographing empty benches. Benches are so inviting, especially when you are physically or mentally tired.  This picture taken in the gardens of  Dolmabache Palace in Istanbul is my favorite photo.CIMG0499B

We started our day visiting the Dolmabache Palace  on the bank of the Bosphorus strait. While we certainly admired the architecture and other things we saw in the palace; we were particularly impressed by the serenity of the gardens outside the palace. What a joy it was, sitting on the benches in the garden, looking through the tall white ornamental fence by the Bosphorus strait; watching ships passing by under a beautiful sky!

Below is another picture which is taken at a slightly different angle in the same location. This is how it looks in color.CIMG0500A