Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny ( Frogs )

This week’d DP challenge is Tiny.

This picture was taken by my sister in law in Botswana, Africa.

The frog is tiny when compared to a twig.dscf1680

As a small boy, I have seen and in fact captured some of the tiny frogs known as Romer’s frogs.

They are now an endangered species, specifically found in some areas of Hong Kong.

They are so tiny that they are no more than an inch big.michaellau_romerstreefrog04_1

Here is a picture of this frog taken by Michael Lau of WWF to whom credit is due.

The intention of posting is to make aware that, some and in fact more, of the animal species are disappearing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror ( Bird )

This week’s DP photo challenge is Mirror.

A bird looking into the mirror?DSCF1581

Not sure what bird it is; but I am sure it likes its own look.

The picture was taken in a hotel in Botswana, Africa by my sister-in-law to whom credit is due.