Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle ( Leaves)

It is amazing that you can find circles in Mother Nature too!

Here are two examples of circular lily leaves you find in nature.DSCF1796

The first one was taken in Botswana. It shows a few big leaves floating on the water.

The second one is more stunning. The picture was taken in Hokkaido, Japan.038

It shows thousands of lily leaves floating on the water!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering (Elephants)

The holiday season has meant that I am unable to spend much time on blogging.

The photo was taken by my sister-in-law in Botswana.DSCF0187

It shows a gathering of elephants.

They are quite intelligent and sometimes have grudges against people.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering ( Horned Buffaloes)

I will say it again – the recent themes of DP Photo Challenge are difficult to tackle.

I find it hard to come up with photos which fit the theme.DSCF1488

This week’s challenge is Gathering.

Here is a photo showing a gathering of horned buffaloes.

The photo was taken by my sister-in-law while travelling in Botswana, Africa.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eyes (Baby)

Lately, some of the themes in the DP Weekly photo are somewhat difficult to make a contribution.

So, I have been missing out on some of the challenges.DSCF0731A

This week’s challenge is Eye Spy. I can’t find anything suitable and therefore have changed this to Eyes.

These are the most interesting and beautiful eyes being photographed – they are from a baby in Botswana.

Picture taken by my sister-in-law to whom credit is due.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration (Waterfall)

I get lots of inspiration from waterfalls.

They inspire me to think deep and appreciate the greatness of the Creator.DSCF9586

You can find many of them in my blog.

Here is a picture of a part of Victoria falls taken by my sister-in-law during her trip to Botswana.

I like the rugged rocks too!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration ( Lion)

Wild animals inspire us to think about the greatness of Nature.

Lion is supposed to be the king of wild animals.DSCF2315

We have been hearing about lions being killed in Africa.

Please stop killing them!

PS The picture was taken by my sister-in-law Jennie while travelling in Botswana.