Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward (Brighton)

When I arrived at the beach, I knew I was Rewarded.

It was a fine day in Spring, with not a lot of visitors on the Brighton beach.ML3B

All I could see was the Victorian pier against a background of clouds in the blue sky and waves crashing in from the sea.

More than that, the father playing with his son on the beach has always reminded me of my days on the beach with my dad (who has left the world a long time ago! )

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

This week’s challenge is Sea.

I am a sea lover.

The sea means many things to me.  Like my mood, sometimes, it is serene and peaceful; sometimes it is wild and free.

I have seen seas crashing in, eroding islands and breakwaters; luckily, I have never seen a tsunami and never want to see one.

My photos below are more about the calm side of the seas.

I particularly like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem about the sea:

My soul is full of longing
for the secret of the sea,
and the heart of the great ocean
sends a thrilling pulse through me.”

When I am anxious, uneasy and bad thoughts come, I go to the sea.

The soft murmuring sound of the waves gently lapping on the beach gives me a calming effect which is unlike any other thing in the world.

There are images I particularly like. The beach at Brighton, UK is an image I’ll never forget. The picture was taken in 1985 and converted to digital.ML3

The Adriatic sea is the bluest sea I have ever seen.

I like the view of the Dubrovnik walls / fortresses and the nearby beach – picturesque?.DSCF0805

In Hvar,Croatia, climbing up to the top of Spanish Castle and gazing out to the sea and islands was just breathtaking.DSCF0562

Here is a view of the Baltic sea. Taken on a day when the wind was blowing, the beach was almost deserted, apart from a man flying his red kite.DSC_0131

Istanbul, which sits at the cross road of the East and West, is just exotic. I was fascinated by the pink sunset on the Bosporus strait (sea) which separates Europe from Asia.CIMG0567

Back in the Asia, the waves crashing in at a cliff in Okinawa was just another memorable sight.DSC_0267

Walking out on the sand bar, towards some islands, in Langkawi, Thailand, is a picture which I will always remember.DSC_0346

Islands standing out of the blue waters is just a familiar sight in Koh Samui, Thailand.DSC_0664

Taking a  speed boat out to the nearby islands was just surreal.DSC_0663

Back home, have never imagined that the Sai Kung sea in Hong Kong can look so beautiful, in the golden hour.CIMG2975B

When the sun has set and we were still finding our way towards our destination during a hike, the sky and the sea just merged into one.CIMG0453

To me, they are like poems of the sea.

There are also some songs / music  about the sea which I like. One of these is Ebb Tide:


Brighton Beach 1985

Brighton reminded me of something out of a movie from the 50s. The pebbly beach there had the feel of another era.

I was posted to our London office in 1985. After almost a year without seeing the sea, I  longed to visit Brighton which was known as “London by the Sea”.

Since Victorian days, the beach was claimed to have therapeutic value and people flocked to it; the blue sky with the soft soothing murmurs of waves can cleanse your mind and even heal your soul.

Thanks to modern technology  which allows me to scan my slides taken in 1985. More than that, I am also able to convert my slides to sepia which do instill a nostalgic feel.

I was at the beach at the best of time. The sun was out, there were some white clouds hanging low in the blue sky. To make the picture even more surreal, the beach was almost deserted and, alone on the beach, a father was playing with  his little son with the Brighton Pier in the background and the waves kept crashing in.

Coming from a geography with many sandy subtropical beaches covered with fine white sand, it was rather difficult to reconciliate the British notion of dark pebbly beaches. Do you actually call this a beach?

Brighton Beach looks a lot different now, it is a lot more busy, noisy, full of funky cafes and restaurants. The Brighton Pier has also deteriorated and the West Pier was burnt down and disappeared. If you ask me, I rather prefer the Brighton as it was in 1985, or perhaps, Brighton in the Victorian ages.

I walked all the way out to the very end of the Brighton Pier while enjoying the fresh air and panoramic view of the harbour. I then walked past the marina and on the pebbles and shingles along the beach at the foothills of the white cliffs of Brighton. Though not as astounding as the White Cliffs of Dover, they looked awesome too.

After a  day on  the beach, I was tired, happy and less homesick; although, I must say, east or west, the beaches at home are the best!