Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected ( Shinkoku)

Up on a hill we saw this panoramic view while in Shinkoku.

In the foreground is a suspension bridge. The structures run for miles and miles, connecting many islands, almost stretching to infinity.DSCF0390

The type of structures also change from suspension bridge to cable stayed bridges.

It is a big engineering feat and connects so many places and people!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet (Cable Stayed Footbridge)

We took the cable car to the top of the hill in Langkawi, Malaysia.

From there we have a panoramic view of the mountains and the blue ocean.

There is a cable stayed footbridge which takes you from one side of the mountain to another.DSC_0275

The cable stayed bridge has only one middle pier support off the mountains.

Standing on the footbridge, gazing out, all you have beneath you is the bridge deck and hundred feet of air before you reached the ground below.

You understand that is a big air gap under you!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry ( Bridge in Switzerland)

Nature reveals many lines of symmetry; we see things around us which are symmetrical than asymmetrical.

To many architects and engineers, symmetry is the natural way to express in their designs.DSCF1128

Here is a cable-stayed bridge in Switzerland.

The two pairs of towers for anchoring the cables and also the cables themselves are symmetrical in their arrangement.

Please enjoy ūüôā

Langkawi – Beyond Sun, Sand and Sea

What a joy it was to start the day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and breakfast outdoor, overlooking the blue sea in Langkawi.

Before it got really hot, we went for a boat ride which brought us through some limestone caverns.

By noon, it was pretty hot.  Lunching at the Four Seasons Hotel, overlooking the beach and clear blue sky was really enjoyable. All you could see was  pristine white sand stretching for miles, overlooking small limestone islands and the blue sea.

More activities in the afternoon. We drove around and took the cable car up the hill top to have a panoramic view of the harbour. Walking along the cable stayed bridge with just one column support in the middle and intermediate lookout platforms clipped to the side of the footbridge was an amazing experience!

Visited the mangrove area by boat, watching black kites diving down for the food. We were keenly aware that a lot of work had gone into making sure the mangroves would thrive but feeding the hawks would reduce their ability to find food themselves.

We swinged by a fish farm. Like any other tourists, we were eager to touch the stingrays in a fish farm tank. Immersing our feet in a tank of small fishes, we had a strange sensation as the fishes nibbled our feet which we were told would improve our skin.

After several hours of driving around visiting more places, it was almost time for afternoon high tea by the side of the marina. While resting, it was relaxing to see yachts and boats.

Strolling for hours, visiting more interesting places, we were tempted by the snacks at roadside cafes.

We were impressed by the appearance of the boutique Spanish style hotel  Casa Del Mar and decided to try out al fresco dining by the sea. Sitting under the gently swaying palm trees, and watching the sun setting was the only thing we wanted to do.

What a luxurious life! We realized how blessed we were and were grateful that we were given such a blissful day.