Beilin – The Forest of Stone Steles Museum at Xian China

As a calligrapher, I long wanted to visit Beilin in Xian, China to have a good look at the steles in the museum.

The museum has the biggest collection of steles in China.

Many of the steles are more than 1000 years old. They were first stored in a temple and re-grouped.

Some were damaged in the earthquake a few hundred years ago.

Yu Youren is one of the well known contemporary calligraphers who have contributed many steles to the museum.

However, I was not that impressed with the way they have presented the exhibits.

The lights were dim and the steles were too close together. It was difficult to read the characters on the tablets and I eventually gave up appreciating the characters on the steles.

So, I only took this picture of the main building of the Museum.

The Impressions of Autumn (35)

Two years ago, I have a series known as The Impressions of Autumn.

I don’t think I have showcased all the photos.

This is a continuation of the series.dscf2732

The picture was taken in BaiWangShan near Beijing during Autumn.

We hiked up the mound which has a circular arrangement of slates with Chinese calligraphy on them.

The leaves have turned reddish brown and have rich Autumnal colors.