Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent (of the Bald Eagle)

<This post contains 3 photos>

This week’s challenge of the Daily Press is Descent.001

This blog has shown three photos of an eagle catching a fish from the sea.002

The series of photos here are provided by my classmate Mr. KF Chung.

The pictures were taken in Richmond, Canada with a zoom lens of range 100-400 mm.003

It needs a lot of patient and skill to capture this bird trying to land on a tree.

The series of three photos show the bald eagle flapping its wings before landing.

Please enjoy ūüôā

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second (Snow Geese )

This week’s WPC is Split Second.

These photos, which were taken in Richmond, Vancouver, Canada are supplied by my classmate Mr. Chung (who also supplied the stunning image of Huangshan).snow geese 01

The snow geese , with its feet down, is looking for a place to land.snow geese 02

In a split second, it clasped its wing Рlike the fighter Harriet which can fold its wings Рwas ready for the landing . . . . . . . . . .  to join the crowd.