Posted Two years Ago on the Second Day of Lunar New Year

For Chinese, the second day of the Chinese New Year is almost as important as the New Year’s Day.


During this festive period, homes are usually decorated with flowers and fruits.


Peach blossoms symbolize growth, prosperity, long life and romance. Because they are associated with romance, peach blossoms are popular with singles who decorate them in the hope of finding love in the coming year.

Here are two photos, one showing the peach blossom tree while the other the flowers.

Hope you like them 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

This week’s Daily Press’s photo challenge is Early Bird.

Here is the photo of an early bird among the cherry blossoms.11062100_1079189095431563_8958166135727121268_n

It is early on both counts – early in the morning and in early Spring.

Photo taken by my classmate YM Chan in Japan.

Pink Tuesday (1)

Continuing on with the Thai colors for each day of the week: Tuesday is Pink.

Our recent trip to Luoping filled us with colors, we didn’t only have yellow for canola / rapeseed flowers but also pink for Cherry blossoms.CIMG3061

Cherry blossoms was in full bloom when we were there late February / early March. We viewed many of them in botanical gardens and also in Shilin- the touristy spot for limestone column formations.CIMG3066

We have the opportunity of viewing them closely too. They looked lovely at a close distance.

In the gardens, all we can see was tree after tree of pink cherry blossoms.CIMG3127

Even along the roadside, we saw not only many cherry blossoms but also white flowers from the plum trees.

Our trip to Luoping has filled our eyes, our brains and even our souls with a variety of colors; making it an unforgettable trip!