Weekly Photo Challenge (Gathering of ?)

I don’t really know the common or scientific names of these animals in English.CIMG1017

They are definitely not the racoons which I like.

Here is a gathering of these interesting animals in the ChimeLong Park, China.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering (Giraffes & Lions)

My mind has been wandering off from photos to poems and calligraphy.

I think I better go back on track to feature photos for this week’s Photo Challenge.CIMG1087

I have seen many giraffes gathering together.

However, I have chosen this photo as it not only shows a gathering of these and other animals but also a tranquil place with a placid pond.

The picture was taken in the ChimeLong Safari Park, China.

The second picture was taken also in ChimeLong.CIMG1083

It shows a den of lions.

You can also say it is a gathering of lions.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering (Flamingos)

The best picture I have ever taken of flamingos are in fact taken in a safari park – the Chimelong Safari Park in China.CIMG1102

This is a gathering of the flamingos.

To me, it looks like a tropical paradise!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eyes (Animals)

I always wonder whether you can gather what an animal is thinking just by looking into their eyes.

The human being is a complicated animal, but still people think that you can sense some inner thoughts just by looking straight into their eyes.CIMG1063

Can we do the same with animals?

The pictures here were all taken in ChimeLong Safari Park in China.

What do you think this monkey is thinking?CIMG1054

He seems to be in an inquisitive mood.

What about this orangutan?

He seems to be looking straight at me.CIMG1029

As to the parrot, I don’t know at all what it was thinking.