Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge ( of Yangtze River 2 )

This is a sequel to my last post.

This photo is more stunning than the two I posted yesterday.dscf6215

The steep cliff overlooking the Yangtze River is just striking. The river level was raised due to the impounding of water by the Three Gorges dam.

Just imagine what it was like when the river was a lot lower!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge ( Cliff )

This week’s photo challenge is Edge.

Sea cliffs are sharp dividing edges between the sea and the land behind.dscf0936

They have withstood thousands of years of waves pounding on their face.

Some of them may have been formed from sea caves after the top part collapsed.

The cliffs here are located on the shoreline of the Dubrovnik medieval town.dscf0937

I like the very steep face.

The other photo shows in more detail the lower part of the cliffs which have to batter the sea in its never ending battle.

The Other Side of Dubrovnik

Most tourists head for the fortress side of Dubrovnik; we did the same too.

Many of my photos show the fortresses, the walls and the many terracotta roofs.CIMG1538A

For a change, this picture was taken towards the sea, away from the fortresses, when the sun has set.

We were walking back to the hotel and my eyes were captured by the very peaceful feeling of the sea and the cliffs and the lone house by the seaside.

Altogether, a very soothing view!