Fall Foliage ( South Korea)

I can’t help re-posting this photo again.

It is an image that I like and proud in taking it.DSCF3339

How enjoyable it was to stroll along this winding path with colored foliage on both sides.

Wandering in the Wonderland?

Impressions of Autumn (3)

Autumn was in the air and the color foliage was just enchanting.

We walked and walked along the bank of a lake in South Korea about the same time last year.DSCF3283B

The golden colors of the hillside was mingled with some other colors like red, green and brown.

While the original photo was beautiful, I have tried to make it even better by converting it into an oil painting –  something like an impressionist painting.

This was the impression I have in my mind 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturation

This week’s challenge is Saturation.

There are many things around us that would best illustrate Saturation; but as one who loves nature and landscape, I would like to show how nature can be saturated with colors.

The pictures here were all taken in my trip to Shirkawa-go, Japan during the fall some years ago. The colored Autumn foliage just filled up our senses.

The colored foliage in red, yellow and green have saturated the area.

The first two pictures are mid-range pictures which are close enough to show the leaves without showing too much of the branches of the trees.DSC_0184

They are very rich in colors and stand out from the pictures.DSC_0188

The next two pictures give you an idea of the setting of the place.DSC_0202

They show where the foliage are in relation to the stream, the bridges and the nearby landscape.DSC_0189

The last pair of pictures focus on the individual trees. You can see the trees from the “forest”.DSC_0209

Maybe, the best way to describe the scenery is to change somewhat the lyrics of John Denver’s “Annie’s Song”.DSC_0214

You fill up my senses like the trees in the forest, 
Like the streams in autumn time, 
Like a walk in the rain, like a stroll across the hillside, 
Like a sleepy  old village.
You fill up my senses, come fill me again.

Autumn by the Lake in Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido in Japan has so many beautiful lakes that offer breathtaking views.

One early morning in October, we woke up early, have our early breakfast, sneaked out of the hotel  and wandered along the edge of the lake not far from our hotel.

It was early Autumn. The trees were covered in multi-coloured leaves.  The early Autumn burst of color was glorious as the leaves change from green to vivid yellow, orange, purple, red, and russet.

The lake was like a mirror reflecting the sky and the coloured foliage. The water was lapping at the edge of the lake. The sound was very soothing that made me yearn for more.

Sitting by the edge of the lake I was staring out across the magical surface of the lake. The whole lake was calm and not even a breeze ruffled the grass.

The lake offered a serene and tranquil feeling that I have never felt before.

In the foreshore, the water had a deep blue hue which sent viewers into a reflective mood. The whole place was so peaceful and exhibited a certain sense of  sadness if not for the vivid colors on the trees. The tonality and colors of  the whole place just intoxicated me.

If not for the existence of a couple of  lonely yachts, the place appeared too surreal.

The scene was timeless, not wanting to leave, we sat there for hours before we finally made our move to our next destination. . . . . . . . .

Autumn in Shirakawa-Go, Japan

If you haven’t heard of Shirakawa-go (白川村) in Japan, then perhaps you should consider making a trip to this UNESCO world heritage site. The Shirakawa-go is located on the Shogawa River Valley in the remote mountainous region between Takayama and Kanazawa. It is  best known for its traditional farmhouses with thatched roof.

Many visitors prefer to visit in the Winter when the whole valley and the farmhouse roofs are romantically covered white with snow. For me, I rather prefer Autumn when there are lots of colors.

Arriving there, we first strolled by the river bank and enjoyed the view of the colored foliage at this time of the year. It was like a rainbow of hues and this never failed to delight us.

Then we have a close encounter of the farm houses. The steep A-frame style of the farmhouses are called “Gassho-zukuri”合掌村, some of which are more than 250 years old. The thatched roofs are supported by logs tied with ropes, without any nails, formed to a shape like Buddhist monks praying with their hands pressed together.

The photo I like best is the one below which shows a small  thatched house and paddy field; a path leading almost to it and with lots of trees of different colors at the background. This is like the first painting I did as a small boy; sheer simple and delightful.

We spent the later part of the afternoon walking around the village unravelling the secrets of the Gassho-zukuri nestled in between the valleys of this  very mountainous region. Not only the houses are beautiful but also the hills, leaves and flowers at this time of the year.

The leaves are incredibly beautiful with all kind of different colors. . . . . . . Autumn Leaves was the song in my heart.

One thing that I found with Japanese Maple is that their color is not quite the same as found elsewhere.

On returning from the trip, I realized that I have missed out some good vantage points for taking good pictures. . . . . . . . . . .obviously, one could have climbed up the nearby hills and have a bird’s-eye view of the whole village. I have some regrets of not having done that;  but this gives me a good reason for going back at least for one more time!