View from the Daedunsan Cable Car

As we ascended the Daedunsan Mountain in South Korea, we were engulfed in mist.

The view from the cable car was interesting.DSCF3425

The foliage have partially changed their color during the fall.

I was wondering whether I should take pictures as the mist was thick and also I could only take them through the glass windows of the cable car.DSCF3422B

Here are two samples of the picture I have taken; hope that you like it.

Rocky Mountain – Mist and Snow

We enjoyed very much the fall foliage in South Korea last Autumn.

For most part of our trip, the weather was fine. However, the weather changed quickly when we were making our way up Daedunsan in a cable car. By the time we were up in the mountain, rain has started. We hiked for a distance up the mountain but the rain was so heavy that we have to retreat. This picture taken just before we retreated, shows the mountain and the foliage in the mist and the rain.DSCF3417

Several years back, we also made a trip up the mountains in Japan. It was late Autumn. When we made our way up the mountains of Tateyama- Kurobe, there were no signs of snowing.DSC_0114

Snow was falling when we reached almost the top. We didn’t have any thick clothes. Many of the pictures taken there appeared as black and white. However, this one taken of the rock slope do have some colors.

The last image was taken in Zhangjiajie, China.DSC_0095

The view of a stone column jutting up in the mist with trees on top was just spectacular!

Mist and snow always add a bit of mystery to mountains.

Going Up Daedunsan Mountain, South Korea

When we stepped into the cable car, we didn’t know that it would be raining for almost the rest of the day.CIMG3545

Looking up at the Daedunsun mountain, the mountain top was covered with mist and even a bit mystical.CIMG3542

The cable car was crowded with tourists as we made our ascent. You can hardly squeeze your camera through the crowd.DSCF3404

Didn’t know that these few shots through the glass window of the cable car would be my last few shots in the dry that day.DSCF3405

The mountain slope was covered in bright colors. The fact that these shots were taken from the moving cable car mean that the foliage may not be in focus, but the colors and the mood are still there.

We were met by rain when we alighted at the mountain top. . . . . .  we did not have the rain gears with us!

Will share some of the photos taken in rain in a later post.