Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance ( of the Dolphins )

Have been out to the sea to see the dolphins; but never saw so many dolphins at the same time.

The Video below was taken by my wife while in California.

This video doesn’t exist

. . .. . . . . .  it shows a group of dolphins swimming playfully.

It looks as if they were dancing happily.

What a delightful sight!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance ( at Yunnan )

Here are a couple of photos showing cultural dances at Yunnan, China.

They are quite different in colors, tones and moods too.DSC_0393

One of them is lively with light shining from above onto the stage.

The other one was more grand and regal, with red colors mainly.DSC_0396

Hope you like them!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance

The theme for this week’s DP photo challenge is Dance.

Taking motion photography is not one of my favorites; I usually take still photos of landscape or architecture only.DSCF0722

This photo is an exception; it was taken in Macau, in the House of Dancing Water performance.

The multi-colored water jets were coming up and the dancers were dancing as they were in the rain.

I have set my shutter speed slow so that the photo gives a sense of motion for the jets and the dancers.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant ( The Dance )

This week’s DP photo challenge is Vibrant.

Immediately come to mind is this picture taken in “Shangrila”, Yunnan in China.

We were up at a high altitude where air is thin and hail was falling outside.DSC_0106

These dancers, who were dressed in colored costumes were performing their dance in a very lively manner.

While I was not able to take better photos to illustrate their motion; I would say they were just Vibrant!


Lion Dance – Tiled Art

This week’s photo challenge is Eyes.

I have been photographing this ancient building in China which has been restored a few times in the past.

This was taken at the corner of two walls which are tiled.DSCF1184

The tiled painting shows Lion Dance in the middle – you can see at least 5 Lions there with their vivid eye.

At the bottom there is a procession of sorts.

On the right, there is a sword dance by two people.

On the left are people playing the musical instrument.

This is more than just a cartoon!

Weekly Photo Challenges: Motion + Blur + Afloat

< A series of 5 Photos >

The recent and current themes of the Daily Press Weekly Photo Challenges are:

Motion, Blur and Afloat I am trying to combine these into just one series of pictures.DSCF0683

These pictures were all taken a fortnight ago  in the show The House of the Dancing Water in Macau.DSCF0684

Some of you may have seen my past posts showing water jets coming up, a pavilion coming up from the water and dancers dancing around the pavilion, all in splendid colors.DSCF0685

This series of photos are less colorful; the main color theme is blue.DSCF0686

They all show the pavilion gradually lowered into the water and finally disappear from the surface.DSCF0687

Water come gushing up, acrobats diving down into the water.

The blur in the images suggests motion.

The acrobats/ dancers are afloat either in the air, dancing up and down or finally plunge into water.

What a sight!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

The DP Challenge this week is Motion.

Here is a picture with movement of sorts.

Three towers suddenly rose from underwater.

Then dancers climbed up to the very top.

Some jumped down to the water, others somersaulted, some swinged from one tower to the other.DSCF0647

There are so many movements that it was difficult to concentrate just on a few.

This is one of the views in the House Of Dancing Water show in Macau.


The House of Dancing Water (1)

Haven’t been out of HK since my mum’s operation late last year.

Visited Macau in the last two days; to view the show : The House of Dancing Water mainly.

The show is in a venue known as The House of Dreams.

The fabulous thing about this is that the theater’s stage has deep water where acrobats can jump from great heights, platforms of varying configuration which can be raised or lowered quickly from the water, fountains everywhere, great lights and sound too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show which convinces me the effort and time for travelling to Macau was worth it.

Here is a picture I took inside the theater showing one of the scenes when the pavilion was raised from the water, the actor and actress were inside the pavilion, water came in all directions and the light was just fantastic.DSCF0674

It was difficult to take any picture in the theater because of the darkness, the water, the motion and the distance etc.

Please enjoy 🙂