Weekly Photo Challenge: Extraordinary ( Buddha)

This is no ordinary Buddha but a buddha housed in the Yunggang Grotto, DaTong.

The cave was dark and this may be clearest picture I have ever taken there.DSCF2373

You may ask why there are holes on the buddha’s body.

What I understand is that the buddha originally has a colored coating or plaster on his body, which was held up by pegs embedded in the body but has since fallen off.

Flying Dragon

Chinese likes putting nine dragons together in a picture.

There are also many places named after Nine Dragons.

On our way to Datong, China we stopped by a place where there is a big exhibit of nine flying dragons.

It immediately posed a problem for me as I only have a fixed lens camera which is not sufficiently wide to capture all dragons.DSCF2423

The sun was in the wrong direction too and the dragons were in the shadow.

So, I only focused on one dragon which has a flying posture. It is a wild thing, it got its claws out like trying to snatch on something. It has a wriggling body too.

The dragon which was assembled from glazed tiles, was very much alive.

It was just amazing!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Door ( at Datong )

On our way back from Inner Mongolia, we passed through Datong and visited the Hanging Temple ( see my previous post).

This is a door I captured at the Hanging Temple.

I was a bit puzzled as many old doors in China were of timber construction.

ThiDSCF2473s door is in metal and has a very peculiar design.

Something I still don’t understand even now!