Looking Down from the Sand Dunes

This panoramic picture is surreal!

This is what you see looking down from the top of a sand dune in Namibia, Africa.P1030339

The several persons walking in the desert let us realize the scale of things.

The desert is so vast and the place so bleak!

Picture taken by my wife earlier last month.



A Tree in the Desert

My wife has returned from her trip to Namibia.

She has taken some photos and a lot of video.

Many of her videos are taken of wild beasts and animals, like leopards, lions, rhinos, oryx, elephants and birds etc.P1030261

She likes taking videos rather than photos – this gives the real sense of the place and the motion, she said.

However, all her videos or bursts were taken in 4K stored with an Extreme high speed memory card ; which can only be downloaded with a compatible card reader and a compatible software. This being the case, I am not sure they are that easy to be shared.

Here is one of her photos taken in the Namibia desert.

I like the patterns in the sand.

If you are careful enough, you may also be able to spot the patterned footprints of insects in the sand.


Milky Way – Photo from the Desert of Namibia

You may be able to see the Milky Way very clearly if you stay up late in the desert of Namibia, Africa,

This is what my wife has done while she was in the desert in Namibia a couple of days ago.

The complete darkness in the desert helps you to see clearly the stars.IMG_2028 (2)

Here you can admire the vastness of our Universe and the greatness of the Creator.

Those who have been following my blog may probably know the reason for me not being able to accompany my wife to this trip of a lifetime.

I don’t think I can go away while being a care giver.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless ( Clouds )

This is my second interpretation of Weightless.

I felt somewhat surreal when watching clouds in the Inner Mongolian desert.

The clouds seemed floating in the air.DSCF2285B

The sand underneath my feet made me feel heavy; whereas in contrast, the string of colorful umbrellas on the horizon appeared as if they hung effortlessly from the air.

The Mongolian yurts on the left reminded me this place was surreal.