Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry (Angkor Wat)

This week’s WPC Photo Challenge is Symmetry.

I usually don’t take photos with frontal views which are truly symmetrical – they tend to be boring.

However, in some cases, it is the only way to do it.IMGP1226

Here is a symmetrical photo of details taken at Angkor Wat.

Please enjoy:-)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge (Architecture)

<This post contains 2 photos>

Repetitive architectural patterns usually appear as convergence when viewing the whole length.CIMG3479

The first picture was taken at the Cultural Center of Hong Kong. There is a line of inclined struts at the ground level. The picture was taken underneath the struts.DSC_0184

The second picture was taken at the aquarium at Okinawa, Japan.

The roof has a repetitive pattern of triangular arches; again they appear as converging at a distance.

Please enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge : Lost in the Details (2)

I can’t help putting forward another entry for this photo challenge; this time for details which are human made.

While travelling in the Baltic countries, I was amazed at the details  and colors this door was showing. The door was full of notices, a spider and even a hand sticking out! It was fun  photographing it.DSC_0362

The following picture was taken at a temple in Bangkok, Thailand. The repetitive pattern of the details in gold and other contrasting color on the wall was just impressive.CIMG0375

In our recent trip to Yunnan, we stopped by a public a public square. The image below was taken at the entrance to the square. It shows fine details of a cock; more than that, the roof with the timber support and tiles forming the top of the entrance was just awe inspiring.DSCF2828

The last image shows the ancient mosaics tiles on the ground of Esphesus, Turkey.CIMG0223

Have visited quite a few limestone caverns. This cavern in Yunnan which we recently visited has a clever and artistic way of illumination. I love the lanterns!DSCF2887

I must admit that I am more of a “landscape” guy and not a “details” guy. Many a time, I have missed interesting details. Part of the reason is that I do not have good zoom lens / cameras to capture them. Shooting details is fun, this theme reminds me that I should be mindful of these when travelling.