Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

I have been posting a series known as The Dog that Lived on a Fishing Raft.

It was about the life of a dog whose owner chose to rear this labrador on one of his rafts for rearing fishes in the sea.

For much of the time when the owner was not on the raft, the dog was a loner.

This dog has a great connection to his owner and to those who went fishing on the rafts.382748647_8ef403d055_b

I have stopped posting about him when I heard last summer, this dog Dor Dor was drowned in the sea. He went for a swim but couldn’t get back onto the raft because his body was too heavy ( due to captivity on the raft) and the raft was too high to climb back on.

Here is a photo which shows the great connection between the dog and the owner. May his soul rest in peace.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Under Your Feet ( Limestone Pavement)

This week’s DP challenge is Under Your Feet.

We had a good time on Hvar Island, Croatia.

Everyday, we walked upon limestone pavement on the seaside promenade.DSCF0496

It is interesting that the pavements are all paved in limestone blocks ( some said it was marble).

Here is a photo showing how the pavement looks, with a little cute puppy resting on it. To add to the otherwise plain background, I have got some pretty flowers.DSCF0503

The one below shows a bigger dog, walking slowly under the sun, by the sea.

The sun was fierce and he was sweating and panting. The picture, however, is a bit monotonic.



The Dog that Lives on the Fishing Raft (The Days are Getting Cooler)

How’s life like on a fishing raft during Autumn?

The easterly monsoons are now coming in, bringing with it fine but  cooler weather.

It could become quite cool during the night, especially out on a raft floating on the sea.4390645173_abc4524ef3_o

Sometimes, Dor Dor would put on a scarf around his neck.

See how gorgeous he looks!

The Dog that Lives on the Fishing Raft: Playful

Have you ever squeezed your head and arms through a tiny window?

Even I was a child, I have never done that. Maybe, I wasn’t adventurous or playful.

I could remember a child squeezing his head between two vertical bars and was unable to withdraw until the firemen were called to the scene.

Dor Dor is playful.295035690_5e7f9d87aa_z

When he was a puppy, he liked to squeeze his head and arms through the tiny window of his kennel.

This was how he looked.

He is clever too, he hasn’t been doing that when he grew bigger!

PS  photo the courtesy of my friend CP Chan