Weekly Photo Challenge: (The Last) Door

I have been taking forever about doors.

Hope this doesn’t bore you.DSC_0180

This is my last post on Door of the DP theme; so I won’t continue forever.

Pardon me, again, this is door captured in the Baltic.

Hope you like it!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Door ( at Szentendre, Hungary)

Just can’t stop talking about doors as this is my favorite subject.

This door was captured in Szentendre, Hungary.DSCF0189

This is a quaint liitle town on the outskirt of Budapest, sometimes, it is called the Monte Marte of Budapest.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Door ( in Baltic)

I would say the Baltic countries are a place where one can find some interesting doors.

Sometimes, the door itself may not be all that special but what happens near the door is all the more interesting.Baltic Capitals  15-Aug-09 036

Here is an example, without the soldiers, this door looks plain and the picture has few colors.

The soldiers, especially the middle one, add to the picture!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Door ( at Luk Keng, Hong Kong)

In my hiking, sometimes, I walked through the village of Luk Keng, before heading uphill.

Many a time, I passed by this ancestral hall which is beautifully adorned, with writings on all three sides of the door.CIMG5691

As for the Jie O one which I showed in another post, the doors have door guards, this time gold ain color.

And below the door guards, are a couple of lion door handles.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Door ( in the Baltic)

Don’t ask me where about is this door in the Baltic.

I got locations all mixed up while travelling from Estonia, then south to Latvia and Lithuania.DSC_0362

However, this must be one of the most interesting doors I have seen.

It is colorful with contrasting colors, with a spider, a chain, a hand sticking out waiting to be shaken.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Door ( at Annecy )

Your eyes haven’t been deceived.

The door is not vertical, it is slanted from right to left.

While we strolled the medieval city of Annecy in France, we noticed this unusual door.DSCF1087

I must admit I could have taken a¬†more interesting¬†picture which shows the door to be more slanted, but I didn’t.

I haven’t seen the door in an open position, I suppose such doors are more difficult to open / close!