Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless (Dragonflies)

The dragonflies are so delicate.DSCF1898

They have almost transparent wings and could stay almost stationary in the sky for so long as if they are weightless.

They are my favorite subject for capturing.1375927_737894202894389_1109092320_n

As a small boy, I like capturing them and put them in a jar too!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue (between Photos)

It’s not easy to make connection between photos which depict different subjects.

I have two photos here which have similar geometry, showing reflections of insect / bird in the water.

The one showing the head / neck part of the flamingo has a somewhat disturbed reflection as it plunged its beak into water.3058366645_d6591d2647_o

You would have seen my other picture yesterday of the dragonfly and its reflection.IMG_4756

Would you agree that there is a dialogue between the two pictures?

Both pictures the courtesy of my friend CP Chan for which credit is due.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Small Objects

Cee’s foto challenge is ¬†Small Objects.

As I am not a fan of small objects and not yet into macro  photography, my archive on small subjects is limited.

This image was taken in Plover Cove , Hong Kong in the hot season when the region was frequented by typhoons (hurricanes ).CIMG1923

While taking photo of the island, sea and people boating in the area, I caught two dragonflies flying in the image. Dragonflies always appear before an impending typhoon.

Not only the dragonflies appear small, the sampan with two people boating and other boats in the area appear small as well.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate (2)

I have been procrastinating as to whether I should make a second pass on this week’s challenge.

As a kid, I have been running happily around, chasing butterflies and dragonflies.

My first understanding of “delicate” came from finally catching a dragonfly and touching its wings with my fingers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DSCF1898