Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

This posts contains 3 photos

The challenger’s theme for this week is “Containers“.

On my recent trip to Japan, one of the destinations was to visit the Okayama Waterway.

By the side of the waterway, there are some shops.DSCF0365

I was particularly interested in window shopping at this pottery shop which contains all sorts of containers, from vases, bowls to kettles and plates etc. They are all nicely displayed.

The other two photos were taken in Turkey, a few years earlier.CIMG0402

This is a photo taken at Cappadocia, in front of an earthen ware shop.

They were all hand made and reflect the local skills and culture.CIMG0600

The last photo was taken in a restaurant in Turkey.

Mounted on the walls were some shelves which were full of glass containers.

Inside the containers were pickles and many types of preserved fruits and vegetables. This is the first time I have seen so many jars with colors!