The Flight of the Egrets and the Half Moon

I wish I have taken this photo; but I didn’t.

It was taken using a DSLR with 600 mm zone lens.

The ISO was set very high; so was the shutter speed – this was to avoid hand shake, as it was taken hand held.

I can assure you that this is not a composite photo.

The photo was taken in Hong Kong by my friend CP Chan during dusk.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Frame ( West Lake 1 )

This week’s photo challenge is Frame.

This is a screen window I came across in a building overlooking West Lake, China.CIMG1124

The screen is a skillfully carved timber frame which allows sunlight to come in and at the same time offers a view of the lake,

When I took the picture, my focus was more on the screen and less of the lake.

At the bottom of the screen were two egrets as part of the carving but they look so real!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning ( Bird )

Woke up early and drove to Luk Keng in the New Territories.

While we were the first batch of tourist to arrive, the egrets were already wading in the shallow water trying to find breakfast.CIMG3671

Would the early birds be the first one to catch the fishes?

I don’t know; but the scenery was picturesque!CIMG3670

It was serene and refreshing.


The Flight of the Egret

I like birds in flight – but my photographic equipment is not good enough for capturing them.

Here are a couple of photos which are taken by my calligraphy classmate Mr. Chung Kwok Fan.

He said they are not good enough to be shown in a blog; but I think otherwise.04A

The first one shows an egret in flight and the second one has got a fish in its beak.

Please enjoy!



<This post contains some 4 photos>

Many of my classmates have now reached retirement age and are now enjoying their new phase of life.


Quite a number of them actually have taken up photography.

With so much time in their hands, they travel and take photos – some of them are just awesome.1467363_769595793057563_840347398_n

Here again, are some photos taken by my university classmate YM Chan.1475875_769595789724230_1289355966_n

I like egrets – capturing their motion in flying or even at rest.

I do not have a lot of opportunities to take photos of them – in fact, as I do not have the necessary long lenses to do that.1441351_769595883057554_289683086_n

Please enjoy these photos taken in Nam Sang Wai of Hong Kong!