Baby Elephant and Mom

Wildlife photography can be a difficult subject for the ordinary tourists.

You are probably on a moving vehicle and you cannot resort to a tripod.IMG_0056

The animals need first to be located and you are not able to get very close to them.

The usual compact camera with a limited zoom means that you are unable to capture their photos in any detail.IMG_0054

The camera will need to be hand held. The zoom means that the picture will become coarser, the shake and the zoom mean that you do not have a picture of good resolution.

Here are a couple of photos with baby elephants in them, all taken by my wife in Namibia. Please enjoy.


Details of the Elephant

Here are two close up pictures taken of the elephants in Namibia, Africa.

I like the texture of the skin it shows up.P1030521

The direction of the sunlight has exaggerated a bit of the wrinkles on the skin.

The other one shows the details around the eyes and the ears of the elephant.P1030593.MP4_snapshot_00.03_[2016.07.23_15.07.09]

The credit of the pictures go to my wife who took the photos earlier last month.