Weekly Photo Challenge: Eyes (Animals)

I always wonder whether you can gather what an animal is thinking just by looking into their eyes.

The human being is a complicated animal, but still people think that you can sense some inner thoughts just by looking straight into their eyes.CIMG1063

Can we do the same with animals?

The pictures here were all taken in ChimeLong Safari Park in China.

What do you think this monkey is thinking?CIMG1054

He seems to be in an inquisitive mood.

What about this orangutan?

He seems to be looking straight at me.CIMG1029

As to the parrot, I don’t know at all what it was thinking.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Eyes (Baby)

Lately, some of the themes in the DP Weekly photo are somewhat difficult to make a contribution.

So, I have been missing out on some of the challenges.DSCF0731A

This week’s challenge is Eye Spy. I can’t find anything suitable and therefore have changed this to Eyes.

These are the most interesting and beautiful eyes being photographed – they are from a baby in Botswana.

Picture taken by my sister-in-law to whom credit is due.

Eyes of the Dragons and Lion Dance

As many readers have shown interest in my previous post on Eyes of the Dragon, I am uploading this further photo for their perusal.IMG_1164

In some way, the eyes on this photo stand out even more as the picture is taken from the side.

You can also see some traditional drums on the side.IMG_1168

Also uploaded is a photo taken on the same day on which the Lion Dance was performed.

This is a community function in celebration of a festival for casting away of the evils.

Please enjoy 🙂

Eyes of the Lions

Many of us have seen the Lion Dances.

Here are three Lion Heads use for the dances.IMG_1163

What interest me are the lion eyes. They look so vivid.

The picture was taken by my friend CP Chan in Hong Kong during a recent festival for casting away of the evils.