Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected ( by Ferries)

I like travelling on ferries which provide connection between places.

One ferry which I particularly like to ride on is the Star Ferry in Hong Kong.

Here are two photos of the ferry.

The top one was taken by me a few years ago.DSCF2015

For those who are unfamiliar with the ferry, here is an introduction from Wikipedia:

The Star Ferry, or The “Star” Ferry Company, is a passenger ferry service operator and tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Its principal routes carry passengers across Victoria Harbour, between Hong Kong and Kowloon . It was founded in 1888 as the Kowloon Ferry Company, adopting its present name in 1898.

The fleet of twelve ferries currently operates two routes (four prior to April 1, 2011)] across the harbour, carrying over 70,000 passengers a day, or 26 million a year. Even though the harbour is crossed by railway and road tunnels, the Star Ferry continues to provide an inexpensive mode of harbour crossing. The company’s main route runs between Central and Tsim Sha Tsui.

It has been rated first in the “Top 10 Most Exciting Ferry Rides” poll by the Society of American Travel Writers (“SATW”) in February 2009.1074828_564517866928007_1891007504_o

The other picture is taken from the internet which shows the Star Ferry with a background of Hong Kong in the 1980s. The photographer is unknown – the credit is given to him/her whoever he/she may be.

What a contrast!

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Boats) On the Move

Can’t imagine what cities along the coast or river would be like if there is no water transport.

Always amazed at the sight of boats (of whatever kind) moving passengers and cargos so swiftly between destinations.

Here is my collection of photos of boats moving in scenic places and  cities.

I like the contrast between the movements of the boats  against the stationary background.DSCF0909

Dubrovnik is a city by the Adriatic; I like the view of lone boats against the beautiful background of the island fortress.DSCF0748

…………… or just the view of a small boat  speeding out to the sea against a hillside of terracotta roof.DSCF0233

Caught this image of a jetfoil speeding along the Danube, the waves generated at the stern is quite a sight.026

A boat passing by with the backdrop of New York City . . .  . a tranquil moment which you can watch from the bench on Ellis Island.DSCF2015

The Star Ferry in Hong Kong is a main mode of passenger transport between Kowloon and the Island before the cross harbor tunnels were built. When time allows, I prefer travel on the ferry instead of crossing via tunnels.DSCF2017

Another ferry sailing along the harbor with the skyline of the HK island behind.CIMG0367

Water taxi speeding along the river with the temple as backdrop in Bangkok, Thailand.CIMG0580

Last, but not the least, boats in the Bosporus, Turkey against Istanbul’s skyline in sunset.

These photos lead me to the lyrics:

Sail your ship across the water,
Spread your wings across the sky
Take the time to see
You’re the one who holds the key,
Or sailing ships will pass,
Sailing ships will pass you,
Sailing ships will pass you by…