Eyes of the Dragons and Lion Dance

As many readers have shown interest in my previous post on Eyes of the Dragon, I am uploading this further photo for their perusal.IMG_1164

In some way, the eyes on this photo stand out even more as the picture is taken from the side.

You can also see some traditional drums on the side.IMG_1168

Also uploaded is a photo taken on the same day on which the Lion Dance was performed.

This is a community function in celebration of a festival for casting away of the evils.

Please enjoy 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place ( Split )

This week’s DP photo challenge is Happy Place.

I am happy that we finally decided to stay for a couple of days at Split, Croatia before we made our way to Hvar, Dubrovnik and beyond.DSCF0396

Split was having a festival and the whole town was out there on the seaside promenade celebrating.

It was jovial and the photo can attest to this!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral (Harbin 3)

< 3 Photos>

Here are 3 more photos taken at the annual Harbin ice festival in China.10991395_1044598332223973_5568570663532526111_n

They are ephemeral in the sense that the ice will melt and the sculptures disappear with the onset of warmer weather.10592725_1044598222223984_6039106221445690858_n

The previous two posts on this subject have aroused the interest of quite a few readers, I am therefore posting these last three photos which my classmate YM Chan have taken.10991278_1044598282223978_1049620705424149884_n

Do they remind you of Christmas?

Please enjoy 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life (at Split, Croatia)

Think I can write on forever on this topic about Street Life.

The weather in Croatia is usually good, with lots of sunshine, which means we spent most of the time outdoors.DSCF0396

We were fortunate enough to visit Split while they have a festival. A sort of festival in which the residents of almost the whole town would come out and celebrate.

I particularly like the colorful balloons and the jovial atmosphere when the residents gathered together to celebrate.DSCF0405

Even during the night time, the people in Split were still celebrating, drinking, having concerts, fireworks – making the night a really memorable occasion.DSCF0426

It is quite common to see that the residents also enjoy having drinks and food in the open, cafes like this is a common place.DSCF0417

No visiting of a place is complete without visiting their market. I like locally made crafts and foods which were displayed.

There are so many narrow lanes and alleys in Split. It was a joy wandering around to have a good look at the place.DSCF0425

Here two people are sitting out in the alley, chatting.DSCF0437

Every town seems to have their own square. The town square in Split also have its charm and attracted quite a few tourists too.

Split really is a place where you not only see how people in other places live, it also is a place where you reflect on one’s way of living !