Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape ( Hokkaido in Summer )

I am thinking of another visit to Hokkaido, Japan.

It is a place I don’t mind visiting and re-visiting.004B

It looks so much like Europe!

Again, the picture was taken with my first generation of electronic compact camera.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape ( Lavender 2 )

Here are a few  photos I have taken with my first generation of compact electronic camera with only 4 pixels.CIMG0139C

The top two show a panoramic view of the lavender fields in Furano, Japan.CIMG0155A


It is a place you would just like to stay on forever until it becomes dark and the day is done.

The bottom picture was taken just before it becomes too dark.


Patchwork Road at Biei, Hokkaido

I am going to show you two pictures of the so called Patchwork Road at Biei, Hokkaido.

The first one was taken by my brother last week was he was there. His picture shows a much wider and open field. The clouds in the sky was interesting too.11873750_10207437034782639_694644250704798477_n

The second picture was taken by my some years ago in the same area. Obviously, I did not take the picture from the same angle or location, it shows the fields in more detail.cimg0203

However, I believe, both pictures when taken together would give readers a good idea as to how beautiful the place is.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale ( Luoping)

This week’s WPC theme is Scale.

Travelling in Luoping, Yunnan in China was an interesting experience.

It was Spring time. We saw mile and miles  of rape seed / canola flower fields.DSCF3102A

To appreciate the scale of it, I have retrieved an image which has got a line of buildings at the foothills of the mountains where the fields of yellow flower terminate.

It was a great sight!

Open Fields in Black and White

I like wide open spaces.

Especially those with white cloud, blue sky and wide open fields.DSC_0265

The picture here  was taken while travelling in the Baltic.

This is my ideal kind of picture for wide open fields . . . . . . . . . .

this is just so idyllic!