Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth ( for the Little Boy)

We found this little boy in the place now named as “Shangrila” in China.

Up at a very high altitude, the weather was terribly cold, a few degrees below zero with snow and rain.

We expected that most people would stay inside the house.DSC_0070

As we walked pass this house out of nowhere, we found him sitting there alone, by the fire side.

There was some charcoal burning next to him. That was the only warmth we could felt.

The little boy looked angry, he seemed to be waiting for somebody. He didn’t even take notice of us.

As we walked passed by, all we hoped was that he would receive a bit more warmth.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

I have always hated cold.

I like sitting by the side of a fireplace (I can accept the modern ones with imitation fire flickering ), reading a book.

This picture was taken at the top of the hill behind Dubrovnik.DSCF0997

We were up there for a meal of the roasted lamb.

See how the fire burns, it radiates heat and fills the place with warmth!

Shangrila Houses Destroyed by Fire

A few days ago, I was shocked to hear the news about the fire.DSC_0030

The fire in Gyalthang — which is situated in an area believed to be the inspiration for James Hilton’s mythical Shangri-La — flattened two-thirds of the town’s old centre, Beijing Morning Post reported.125993041_13895734758591n

The government-run Yunnan Net news service said 242 houses, mostly timber, were burnt down in the 1,300-year-old town while a further 43 were demolished to prevent the fire from spreading.

We were there a couple of years back, visiting the old town Gyalthang and other places.

The place has a lot of Tibetan culture. As we strolled the cobbled streets of the old town, we felt we were going back in time and in history. However, many of the houses or shops no longer exist.DSC_0023

Now, almost two-thirds of the town is gone.

Lucky enough, the famous rotating golden tower for prayers was unaffected by the fire.DSC_0042

It seems that in many catastrophes , sacred monuments always remain intact.