Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette (Okinawa)

This perhaps is my most liked image on Silhouette.

The image was taken in the aquarium in Okinawa, Japan.DSC_0211

The objects of the photos are not just the fishes swimming happily in the aquarium but also the visitors who appear as silhouettes against the blue aquarium waters.

Just from the silhouettes, it is clear that the visitors were having an enjoyable moment – pointing fingers at the passing stingrays or getting the fishes photographed with their mobiles or cameras.

I also had an enjoyable moment there getting both the fishes and the visitors photographed.

Well, everybody was preoccupied and having fun!



Blue Friday (1)

Blue is the color for Friday in Thailand.

I like blue skies, blue seas and oceans but my favorite for this week is the blue waters in the JiuZhaiGou lakes in Sichuan, China.

By no means it is the most beautiful blue but it is very interesting.050

It appears that lakes with a high calcium content exhibits a kind of bluish tint in the water. For instance, this can be seen in both the JiuZhaiGou lake in China and also the Plitvice lake waters in Croatia.

Plants and other matters fallen into the water are subject to calcification and not a lot of life survives in such water. However, schools of carp-like fishes protected by tiny scales can be found swimming lively in the lakes of JiuZhaiGou. How wonderful !