Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine ( on the Anglers )

This week’s photo challenge is Shine.

Do you mind the sun shining hard on you when you are fishing?

Not at all, I suppose.2752390781_41532c2f8c_o

The sun reflected from the sea as if it was a mirror of gold.

These anglers have got their caps on or holding their umbrellas. It won’t deter them from their fishing.

Picture taken in the water front of Hong Kong.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony ( Reservoir )

This week’s DP Photo Challenge is Harmony.

This morning, we went for a walk at the Plover Cove Reservoir.

We walked along the dam separating the sea from the reservoir.IMG_1667

We were met by this view which to me is so harmonious.

There was a complete harmony between the sky, the clouds, the far away hills, the reflection and the people fishing on the shore!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place ( Shinkoku)

Fishing by the river.

This is one of the happy places I visited in Shinkoku, Japan.DSCF0284

Although I didn’t have the chance to fish there, I can appreciate the happiness fishing there taking in the views of the arch bridge and the beautiful surrounding.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle ( Lone Fisherman at Sea)

The Old Man and the Sea?

Not sure, but this is a picture taken by my classmate (YM Chan) of a fisherman in traditional hat fishing on a sampan.10497386_896122327071575_3328287306884987397_o

The sea was sparkling – there were twinklings reflected from the sea.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette (The Anglers)

I just can’t stand fishing under the sun!

However, many anglers do enjoy fishing even when the temperatures are high and the sun was burning.

Here is a picture showing the anglers fishing in Hong Kong. Most of them have put their caps on; those who do not have a cap do have an umbrella.2752390781_41532c2f8c_o

In the  background is the Victoria Harbor and some of the high rises.

From the picture, you can feel the heat coming out.

This is yet another picture from my angler friend CP Chan, to whom credit is due.

Please enjoy!


Eagle – The Incredible Moment

Here are some stunning photos of an eagle catching a fish from the sea.

The three pictures were taken by my classmate Mr. Chung Kwok Fan.

As you may remember, he is the photographer who took the photos for Huangshan with a sea of clouds; he also took the photos of  snow geese in flight which were also featured in my blog.01

Just yesterday, on a sunny day, Mr. Chung visited the Saigon area, which is the reserve and back garden in the New Territories for the Hong Kong citizens.02

A magnificent eagle swooped down, zeroed in on its prey.

While having undivided attention on its prey, it dived down, slowed somewhat and momentously suspended itself in the air.

Its action was so quick, by the time you saw it doing that, it already has its prey caught in between the legs.

Off it goes, it heads up, flying away in the normal manner as if nothing has happened.03

Throughout this act, the spectators were thrilled. It was exactly the moment a photographer has been longing for.

Again, congratulations to Mr. Chung for taking the photos.

These are photos which should be submitted to the National Geographic – something which Mr. Chung has repeatedly declined.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette (A Fish Out of Water)

This is the sort of photo which I don’t take.

However, this is the sort of photo I would like to post.1155415265_c3bbac530d_o (2)

This is, again, another photo from my friend CP Chan.

The photo was taken again at the fishing rafts in Hong Kong; with the fishing net, mountains and sea as backdrop.

It shows, a dead fish abandoned within the net.

Clearly, my friend is more diverse in his subject of photography and has sharp eyes and inquisitive mind.