Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue (between Photos)

It’s not easy to make connection between photos which depict different subjects.

I have two photos here which have similar geometry, showing reflections of insect / bird in the water.

The one showing the head / neck part of the flamingo has a somewhat disturbed reflection as it plunged its beak into water.3058366645_d6591d2647_o

You would have seen my other picture yesterday of the dragonfly and its reflection.IMG_4756

Would you agree that there is a dialogue between the two pictures?

Both pictures the courtesy of my friend CP Chan for which credit is due.

Travel Theme: Birds

This week’s travel theme from Ailsa’s blog ‘Where’s my backpack?’ is Birds.

As someone who like taking landscape photos, I do not have a lot of photos on birds.

However, I have some on flamingos.

You will be surprised that my flamingos are in Black and White.CIMG1101A

Also, they were not taken in the wild, but in a safari park – the Chime Long Safari Park in China.

Nevertheless, I think the B&W is equally interesting as the original color photo which is also included here for comparison.CIMG1101