Flamingos in Namibia

I like looking at a big flock of flamingos.

Greater flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber) breed at large, flooded shallow salt pans as well as coastal mudflats, inland dams, small ephemeral rivers, river mouths and sewage treatment works. Flocks of tens to tens of thousands, usually with lesser flamingos, are common.P1030376.MP4_snapshot_00.03_[2016.07.27_11.32.58]

The population is scattered in southern, central and northern Namibia.


Their long legs are especially adapted for wading in the water.

Both pictures were taken by my wife last month in Namibia, Africa.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering (Flamingos)

The best picture I have ever taken of flamingos are in fact taken in a safari park – the Chimelong Safari Park in China.CIMG1102

This is a gathering of the flamingos.

To me, it looks like a tropical paradise!

Travel Theme: Pink and Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection (of Flamingos)

I like looking at reflections of birds in tranquil waters – that was the reason for posting my first entry for the challenge with images of little white egrets in the water.

As one who likes landscape, I couldn’t help to post my second entry with reflection of trees in still water.CIMG1102AJPG

The only reason for posting this one is because I like looking at reflection of flamingos in the water.

Glad to share; hope you like it 🙂