Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny ( Flowers 3 )

This week’s DP challenge is Tiny.

Photographing flowers with big petals gives you a lot of amazing details.

However, I also like photographing small flowers too.dscf3147

While travelling in LuoPing, Yunnan, China, I enjoyed not only taking photos of vast fields of canola flowers, but also of the individual flowers.

This is a photo which I got when focusing just on the small flowers.

Please enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny ( Flowers )

This week’s DP challenge is Tiny.

Photographing flowers with big petals gives you a lot of amazing details.

However, I also like photographing small flowers too.cimg0180

This is a picture taken in Biei, Hokkaido.

We were in the middle of Summer and flowers were everywhere.

I particularly like the small blue flowers which were dotted around in the whole picture.

Please enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge; Shine ( Through Flowers )

This is a scene from Yunnan, China.

The picture was taken against the light.dsc_0374

Light shone through a tree with flowers.

At the background is a traditional Chinese house.

Very peaceful but radiant view!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up ( Flowers )

This week’s DP challenge is Look Up.

I have always found it delightful to look up while strolling the old UNESCO sites in the Baltic.DSC_0007

I like all the sites I have been, including Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius etc.

Everywhere I walk, if I look up, there is a good chance that I see flowers or something interesting.DSC_0047

Here are two examples; both interesting and delightful – beautiful red flowers on the walls!

Please enjoy🙂

Flame of the Forest (2)

It was a bit silly of me trying to walk under the sun for some exercise today when the temperature was hoovering around 33 degrees Celsius.771b2c78-ea60-481d-ab34-4ff0a3cd03b8

My walk was interrupted several times when I encountered these trees in blossom.965126fa-aee3-48b2-a884-39ed09f271a5

I can’t help taking out my camera to photograph these Flame of the Forest trees as they are the best I saw in years.

These trees were planted near to the Tai Po town area.

With a smart phone in hand and the fierce sun from above, I took photo of these trees.53a14dc4-b3c4-4083-befe-0d20004db35d

The climate change has brought a lot of rain here in the last couple of months. This, I surmise, is the reason for all these blossoms.2d345aab-9b55-4865-b0b1-97669fa35477

A bright side of climate change?

Same Tree Different Season

Here are two pictures taken from my home – they show the same tree but at different season.

They belong to the family of Delonix Regia; but commonly called Flame of the Forest locally, although I believe they have different names in different geographies.CIMG3003

The one taken in Winter is striking – it is all bare with branches only; dripping to the ground.

The other one with flowers is taken today. I believe it will have more flowers in two weeks’ time.CIMG7828A

In any case, there is a striking contrast!



Flame of The Forest

This is the season for the blooming of the Flame of The Forest.

This morning, I have a delightful walk along the seaside promenade garden in Tai Po, Hong Kong.IMG_1960 (1)

My walk took me past this Flame of Forest tree. There are many around in the area while I was driving there.

These photos are captured with my smartphone; so please don’t expect them to be of very high quality.IMG_1962 (1)

I have always like these trees in full bloom.

In Winter, they shed all the leaves and the trees become bare.IMG_1964

This time of the year, they are just like a flame , on tops of the trees.

Understand that’s how they got the name – people looking from afar thought the trees are on fire.IMG_1961

What a beautiful fire!