Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur (Zhangjiajie)

This week’s theme is Blur.

Don’t think it is a good idea to show a picture which is totally and uniformly blur.

Think there should be a good contrast between parts which are blur and parts which are clear.DSC_0095

Here is a picture taken in Zhangjiajie, China when there was heavy mist.

It shows a limestone column jutting out of the mist, trees on top of the column are clearly seen whereas the background is basically blurred by the mist.

Please enjoy 🙂

One Foggy Day in Hong Kong

< 2 Photos>

I must declare this is not my photo; it is a recent photo taken from the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

I would like to show it to contrast it with a photo taken by me on a good day where you can see forever.

The photos show the tallest building in Hong Kong, the Pacific Club with the West Kowloon in the background.foghk-f

The first photo shows what you can see ( which is not much) earlier this month when there was heavy fog.

The second photo taken by me shows what you can actually see on a normal day.DSCF2033

Only when both pictures are put together, readers can appreciate what the fog can do!

One Foggy Day in South Korea

Spring has brought with it many foggy days.

The temperature has been fluctuating. Warm air comes, bringing in moisture from the ocean.

Only a few days later, the temperature drops and the cooler air from the north penetrated.

This alternate warming and cooling has resulted in a lot of mist and low visibility.DSCF3417A

Have seen some fantastic pictures of this place with only the tops of high rises appearing above the fog but otherwise the whole place is covered.

This reminds me of my hike up the South Korean mountains a couple of years ago.

The picture, taken in South Korea, has been turned into a B&W so that it is more moody.

Please enjoy 🙂


Foggy Morning

Spring has finally arrived but the weather is still unsettled.

We have warm weather for the last few days, however, a cold front is approaching.CIMG3852

Woke up this morning, opened the window and found this wonderful view.

It was foggy and the mist have hidden much of the hill which I normally saw.CIMG3850

Seems that I don’t have to go on a trip to get a misty view!