Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine ( Through Trees and Leaves 2)

This week’s photo challenge is Shine.

I like photographing against the light; in particular I like photographing trees and leaves against in coming light.

If the camera is set as Automatic, this usually poses a problem as the light sensor will sense there is strong light and the aperture will automatically reduce, giving a picture which is too dark.cimg2570

I intend to upload a series of photos which has been shot against the light.

Here is a photo shot in the HungLuo Temple of Beijing a few years back.

Please enjoy!

Weekly photo Challenge: Edge ( to Water Paradise )

This week’s theme is Edge.

I have shown this picture a few times before.

This will not be the last time I show it.065a

The fence there marks the edge to a paradise. . . . . . . . . it makes me come back to my senses and prevent me from falling into the paradise.

Picture was taken in JiuZhaiGou, China in Autumn.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony ( Hokkaido )

You can always find harmony in nature.

I am not sure whether there is a formula for it.011A

For my picture taken in Hokkaido, the formula appears to be:

Harmony = Trees with Autumn foliage + Waterfall + Stream + Mountains

Maybe, this is too simplified and deterministic.


Autumn in Hokkaido

You don’t need a destination in Hokkaido, Japan.

You just enjoy the view as you travel in the country side.017

These two photos were taken when travelling from one destination to another.

I will never know where exactly these photos were taken.016

We stopped by on the way and snapped these pictures while the sun was setting and the mountains were full of colors.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art ( Hokkaido )

LIFE >> ART >> LIFE >> ART >> LIFE >> ART …………….

I suppose Art and Life are interlinked and continuously influencing each other.

To me, LIFE = ART.012

Here is a picture taken in Hokkaido, Japan.

It is also a painting.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art ( South Korea )

This is not the first time I post these pictures.

It will not be the last time I post it; as I am sure their beauty warrants me posting them again in the future.DSCF3322

Both pictures were taken in South Korea during the fall.

Both pictures are subject to minimal post processing.DSCF3321

To me, this is Life and this is also Art. Who imitates what doesn’t really matter!

View from the Daedunsan Cable Car

As we ascended the Daedunsan Mountain in South Korea, we were engulfed in mist.

The view from the cable car was interesting.DSCF3425

The foliage have partially changed their color during the fall.

I was wondering whether I should take pictures as the mist was thick and also I could only take them through the glass windows of the cable car.DSCF3422B

Here are two samples of the picture I have taken; hope that you like it.