The Impressions of Autumn (32)

Two years ago, I have a series known as The Impressions of Autumn.

I don’t think I have showcased all the photos.

This is a continuation of the series.dscf2767

The picture was taken in the XiangShan garden , China during early Autumn.

Autumn has crept in when we arrived at this garden in Beijing.

The tree with yellow leaves in the middle is striking!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

This week’s DP Photo Challenge is Opposites.

What the challenger has in mind is more to do with contrasts – between hard and soft, bright and dark, smooth and textured etc.

I don’t think I have got the perfect picture yet.

However, the picture here shows a garden in the Baltic.DSC_0090A

It depicts the contrast between the hard textured masonry and the soft green leaves.

I was first drawn to this garden by the statute. He seems standing right there, opposite me, over viewing what I was doing in his garden.


Rundale palace (1)

This is a view through the palace window.

You don’t see it when you are down at the palace garden as you are on the same level.

You can only appreciate the beauty of the overall garden from a higher altitude.DSC_0233

It looks like the Versailles garden, doesn’t it?

While appreciating the treasures inside the palace, I found one window which was opened to this great view.

Please enjoy 🙂