Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O ( Fountains )

This week’s photo challenge is H2O.

I like photographing water in its different forms and states.dscf0270

Photographing fountains is my favorite too.

The first one is a picture taken in the peace memorial park in Hiroshima.

I have adopted a slow shutter speed and a shallow depth of field.

At the bottom of the fountain, the water came bubbling up.dscf1165

The second photo was taken in Geneva, Switzerland.

I must admit my main focus was on the trees and the shadows although the fountain is an indispensable part of the photo.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning ( Walk in Geneva)

We stayed somewhere on the hills overlooking lake Geneva, Switzerland.

To stay healthy, we did a walk about after an early breakfast.

Firstly, we have to negotiate a somewhat steep trail.DSCF0050A

Along the trail, there were some fox holes. Unfortunately, I have no luck of seeing any foxes.

The sun has come up and shone through the leaves. As usual, I took a photo of the light through the leaves.

We climbed higher and reach this grassland where there are only a couple of lone trees.DSCF1129

I like trees in a open plain and was glad to take this photo.

Another good morning I woke up to, just fantastic!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Extraordinary ( Clouds )

Clouds are my favorite subject of photography.

In particular, I like shooting storm clouds in the tropics, over the infinite horizon.DSCF0027A

Here is a picture taken at Geneva, overlooking the lake with some extraordinary clouds at a relatively low altitude.

I have turned it into a black and white to make it look more moody.


Weekly Photo Challenge; Shadowed ( Sculpture at Geneva)

Here is my last and belated entry on Shadowed.

Strolling around the city of Geneva, my eyes were caught by this sculpture in the shade.DSCF1149

Not only the sculpture was shadowed, the masonry wall next to it appears undulating due to the shadow.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring ( in the Hills of Geneva)

Geneva is not just about the lake and the fountain. Although the lake, the boats and the swans there are just lovely.

We were there in the early Spring of 2012.DSCF1129

We went hiking the hills. The grass is so green but many of the trees were still bare.DSCF0049

Some commented that the green view of grass in Geneva is a bit boring, so I have never posted these images.DSCF0048

To me, they are just soothing to the eyes!