A Word A Week Challenge: Underneath

The challenge from Skinnywench’s A Word A Week is “Underneath“.

We all know that underneath the tree trunk are the roots.DSC_0228

It is no exception for the trees in Ta Prohm , Cambodia, only that their giant roots are exposed. The giant roots find their way around an opening.

And underneath the roots are the ruins of the once forgotten temple.

Ta Prohm, Cambodia : B&W vs Color

This is the temple in Angkor Wat that was intentionally left in its natural state.

Minimum work was done to prevent further collapse of the structures and, at the same time, enough clearance was carried out to permit entry by  tourists.

In many places, you can see there is a constant struggle between the trees and the structures; with the trees trying to take over.

There are only two basic colors at Ta Prohm: the green color of tropical tree leaves and the brown color of the  tree trunk / giant roots and the temple structures including the walls.

You won’t lose a lot by turning the image into black & white. The B&W helps us to concentrate on the quality of the picture and the texture of the roots and the construction.DSC_0206B

The original color version is also depicted here. Both versions convey their own but different mood. Roots like claws reaching out for the temple portal.

In the color version, the rust stain color water on the ground is more apparent and mystical.DSC_0206A

The place is romantic, equally it can be described as eerie, mystical, declining and even crumpling. . . . . . . . .