Weekly Photo Challenge: Path (5)

This week’s DP challenge is Path.

As a traveler, I have taken many paths, some less traveled, some into unknown territory and some back into history.dscf2677

This is another view of a path at the Great Wall, during Autumn.

The view, with the Autumn colors, is common place during Autumn.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path (1)

This week’s DP challenge is Path.

As a traveler, I have taken many paths, some less traveled, some into unknown territory and some back into history.dscf2676

These steps took me back in history.

The hike on the endless steps in the Great Wall has taken my breath away – in both senses of the word!

The Impressions of Autumn (8)

Two years ago, I have a series known as The Impressions of Autumn.

I don’t think I have showcased all the photos.

This is a continuation of the series.

The picture was taken at the Great Wall during Autumn.dscf2721b


Unlike the rest of my other photos which were mainly taken while walking the wall, this photo was taken from a low angle.

I went down to a lower level to take this photo while the sun was setting.

Autumn was in the trees and everywhere.

The Light that Shone on the Great Wall

We were there at the best of time for the Great wall.

It was Autumn and the air was crispy clean.

The sun has started its descending path.cimg2747

The light fell softly on the foliage on both sides of the Wall.

Not only that, the light has illuminated the walls, giving them a last touch of warmth.

We were blessed to be there, at the right time and the right place.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame ( Great Wall -A Collage)

This week’s DP photo challenge is Frame.DSCF2659

This is the first time I get all the “framed” images of Miutianyu section of the Great Wall together.DSCF2697

They are all “framed” by the arches of the Great Wall itself.DSCF2645

More than that, they were all photographed in Autumn.DSCF2644A

It was a tiring walk, but it was a rewarding one.DSCF2660

Many of the foliage have changed their colors.DSCF2661

Hope you enjoy them!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Time (Great Wall)

This week’s DP theme for the photo challenge is Time.

I am always amazed that some structures can stand the test of time.DSCF2671A

The Great Wall has been built thousands of years ago; this is still one of the longest structures in the World.

These walls were the scene of many battles and were great in keeping the “Barbarians” out of central China.DSCF2670

Wish these walls could talk; so that they can tell us their stories.

Here are several photos taken in the Miutianyu section of the Great Wall near Beijing.DSCF2650A

I have converted them to Black and White, emphasizing the timelessness.

The original photos were taken during Autumn with some color foliage around.

The B&W, however, evoke more moods.

The next three days are public holidays for the Lunar New Year; so be prepared that there may not be any posting during the period.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundary (Great Wall )

Few people do not know that the Great Wall has been a boundary that kept the “barbarians” out of medieval China.

This wall, which runs for thousand of miles, protects the Han people from the attacks of the outsiders.DSCF2716

The wall now attracts visitors from all over the world.

The boundary, which gallops through hilly terrain, is an ideal place to view colored foliage during Autumn.