Weekly photo Challenge: Nostalgia ( Pavilion )

This week’s photo challenge is Nostalgia.

I have always associated pavilion with nostalgia.

In the modern built areas, we are building less and less pavilion.4290189150_20965bd575_o

This pavilion in the middle of West Lake, Hangzhou China is a classic example of the Chinese style pavilion.

The silhouette in the B&W picture  reminds me of days long gone.dscf6359

The colour picture is a picture I feel there is a big scope for improvement.

I like being able to access the pavilion through the stone bridge on water.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Frame ( West Lake 1 )

This week’s photo challenge is Frame.

This is a screen window I came across in a building overlooking West Lake, China.CIMG1124

The screen is a skillfully carved timber frame which allows sunlight to come in and at the same time offers a view of the lake,

When I took the picture, my focus was more on the screen and less of the lake.

At the bottom of the screen were two egrets as part of the carving but they look so real!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette (Hangzhou, China)

In the last two times I visited West Lake (Hangzhou), it was deep Autumn and rainy.

So, my pictures all have a very bluish tint and didn’t look too interesting.4290189150_20965bd575_o

Here is a photo supplied by my friend CP Chan, showing the silhouette of a pagoda, in the water.

This image illustrates Hangzhou at its best, when everything seems to be an impression, rather than real.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection (at West Lake)

Perhaps West Lake in Hangzhou, China is the best place for viewing or having internal reflections.

We were visiting West Lake a couple of years ago.

Winter has already set in, but this didn’t stop us from enjoying the scenery around the lake and it’s environs.DSCF6424

For most of the time, the sky was overcast and grey,  however, the reflection of the trees in the lake was just amazing.DSCF6445

West Lake has been named a UNESCO site. While walking around the lake,  one can feel the culture of the place and the  openness of the area. The view of the far away pagoda, the nearby Chinese style building on the shore and their reflection in the lake were just breath taking.DSCF6468

Typically, weeping willows are planted near the water edges.  As for the most time while we were there, it was raining, and the reflections of the willow are not as clear.DSCF6501

With almost no tourists around, you can feel the tranquility of the place. Here is a picture that I have posted, but this time I have flipped the picture top to bottom so the the reflection of the trees are on the top.DSCF6434

One of the scenic locations is where colourful kois are reared. In the picture, again, one can see the reflections of the willows. We took the opportunity to view and photograph them.

All in all, the trip was pleasant and reflective!