Milford Sound ( On a Cloudy Day)

Just wonder whether Milford Sound has always been cloudy.IMG_0051

Maybe, the only question is whether it is overcast, partially covered, dark clouds on a rainy day  or white clouds on a good day.

Moody picture taken by my wife who is still travelling in New Zealand.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half ( Plover Cove)

This picture was taken just minutes before I got wet from the rain!

Depending on how you look at it, there could be many Halves.

It is a picture of half sky + hills against half water and reservoir dam.

It is a picture with the left hand side dark because of the rain clouds and the right hand side relatively brighter.CIMG1775A

It is a picture of contrasting halves, on the right you have the fresh calm water in a reservoir reclaimed from the sea, the armour protection on the right by the side of the road access is still bright and clear. On the left, the sea was already dark and somewhat choppy.

So, this photo taken at Plover Cove Reservoir, Hong Kong contains many contrasting halves!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge (Three Gorges)

I was standing on the deck at the very front of the vessel while it cruised noiselessly along the waterway of the Three Gorges in China.

The sun was setting.DSCF6175A

The hills on both sides just converged.

Another surrealistic view!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette (Hong Kong)

This picture will dispel many people’s impression that Hong Kong is a vertical, urbanized and busy city.

There is a lot of mood here, the clouds are just frightening.3667527188_8eb00d73d2_o

It looks as if it was going to rain heavily soon.

Picture was taken by my friend CP Chan for which the credit is due..

The background are some of the hills in the New Territories of Hong Kong.

What could usually be an enchanting seaside scenery can become so intimidating!

Green Wednesday (1)

Based on  Thai astrology, Wednesday is Green.

Have uploaded a couple of posts recently on Green as entries to Travel Theme and also Weekly Photo Challenge. Green has always given me tranquility and the color is soothing to the eyes.

Our recent trip to the mountains of Yunnan, China has brought us to some high hills where we were able to have a panoramic view of the Wan Feng Lin which is the Forest of Ten Thousand Hills.

In fact, there were 20,000 hills in the area, with some rising to 2,000m. The ones we viewed were the most picturesque.DSCF3081

Here we have a mix of dark green on the hills and light green / yellowish-green on the plateau. The hills seem to have soared from the flat area, giving a sharp contrast in terms of landform and colors. The more distant hills just faded out in the haze.

We were amazed even the areas wedged in between the high hills are also cultivated. Some yellow flowers have bloomed but most of the flat area was still green. We can only marvel again at how man have made use of every inch of arable land!